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I’ve been very remiss about updating this. Mostly, I’ve been working on my book. It has been edited, typeset, has supplemental material, and now only lacks a cover–which I am working on.

I am going on vacation next week, too, so updates will be sporadic for a while. Once I have the book in the can and I’m not on vacation, however, things should pick up once more.

I’ll try to throw in a few more bits from the archive this week, though, if I can manage it.

Technical Difficulties

Further posting of my writing is on hold while I work out technical issues. My entire writing archive uses a subset of BBCode for formatting, and it appears none of the BBCode plugins for WordPress actually work. The newest one, which uses shortcodes, seems to have exposed a limitation of the shortcode system. So, I will write my own plugin to introduce a shortcode to include an external file and parse anything that looks like BBCode, all in one shot. Hopefully, that will be more effective–and less work for me. Yay!