Looking for web hosting? Maybe something a little different, like git hosting? What do you need? I can help!

Instead of offering a list of boilerplate packages, every customer gets a personally-tailored solution. Want to start a blog but don’t know what you need? I’ve got you covered. Have an existing site you want to migrate? I can do that, too. Looking for some custom programming? Hit me up. I will do pretty much anything, and my rates are always reasonable.

I have over fifteen years of experience in web hosting and web development, as well as 25 years of experience in general programming.

Other services I am also happy to offer:

  • Writing services: proofreading, editing/notes, plot doctoring, typesetting, format conversion, blog publishing, self-publishing. I also do freelance writing. If you’re looking for content for your blog or aggregation site, I may have something to offer you.
  • Music. Looking for some ambient textures for your video game or film? I’ll make some tracks for you.
  • Personal IT support. I prefer not to do corporate IT, but if your personal computer is infested with malware or viruses, or you just need some help getting it to run faster and better, I can help.
  • Software development consulting. This, I will do for corporate customers. My specialty is taking broken, ineffective development processes and rebuilding them into slick, efficient machines. Don’t know how to properly manage your code and get releases out the door? It’s not as hard as you think, even if you use old and obscure development platforms (and I’ve sure seen a lot of those.)

Need any of the above? Use the form below to contact me.

I write stuff sometimes and post it here.

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